Tax traps when moving to France – Don’t get caught out!

When considering a move to France, tax planning is not usually at the forefront of one’s mind. For most, it’s one of the last things they look into over the more pressing concerns of opening a [...]


Investor Emotion and Cognitive Biases

Individuals and businesses around the world experience various cycles associated with health, work and many other day-to-day occurrences. Investors aren’t any different, and many are currently [...]


UK Tax – what recent budget changes may affect me as an expatriate ?

U.K. State Pension. With the U.K. government’s ‘triple-lock’ commitment, the State Pension is currently increased each year by whichever is highest of inflation or 2.5% or average [...]

Helping South Africans cast their safety net

Where’s your safety net? I am a proudly South African, small-town farmer’s son, from the northern parts of Zululand, KZN.  I have heard my parents’ concerns regarding the weather effecting our [...]

Is inheritance tax a voluntary tax?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) has been charged in Britain for hundreds of years, and was first introduced as part of the Stamps Act 1694, in order to help fund the war of the league of Augsburg. [...]


The next financial crisis…?

The 2008 financial crisis was brought about by, among other things, excessive risk-taking by banks throughout the western world, the most famous victim being Lehman Brothers, which filed for [...]


Who’s spying on my investments ?

Jersey, Guernsey and Mauritius all have something in common. Yes, they are all beautiful islands, but they are also considered ‘tax havens’ and have been for many years. They are often used by [...]



As former pensions minister Baroness Altmann revealed last year that she is cashing in her Final Salary Pension, is it time for expats around the world to think about a transfer overseas? And [...]