Northern Cross Wealth Management have recently embarked on an internship program available to both local and international students.
The internship allows students to gain valuable work experience and knowledge in an environment related to what they are studying.

The program is headed up by Brandon Ruddle (Business Development Team Manager) and centers around a comprehensive training schedule, taking into account their existing study timetables. The training program is based on the knowledge and experience gained by Brandon and Mike’s time in the profession, over the past 10 years or so. The full Internship comprises training on off-shore investment products and providers, international markets, international investment funds, investment vehicles, and day-to-day business development related to building a solid client base. A strong focus throughout is given on Northern Cross Wealth Management’s core principles of integrity and ethically-driven wealth management.

The internship runs for a period of up to six months, with the option of a permanent job offer upon completion of the course, dependent on performance, ingenuity, and how the student has applied the program in his/her own way during their time working at Northern Cross. Currently we have two great guys who have joined us from the U.K., as well as locally here in Cape Town.

Mathu is from the United Kingdom and is on a 6-week international internship program. He is currently studying for a degree in Economics & Finance at the University of York, and he is eager to expand his international experience, having recently spent time in West Africa teaching English.

Shelton comes from a family of Financial Advisors, which drove his passion to enter the Wealth Management sector. Shelton will complete his studies at the end of the year and graduate in early 2019 with a B. Com. in Economics at Varsity College; his goal is to complete his honours part-time whilst working.

Currently, both interns are working their way through the program and we look forward to seeing them flourish at Northern Cross.

If you are a local or international student studying towards a career in Wealth Management and are currently looking for opportunities to dip your toes into the international waters of off-shore investments and wealth management, please contact Northern Cross Wealth Management on to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

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