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Are you a smart investor?

Do you think you are a smart investor? Specific: What exactly do you expect from your investments? For example, when do you intend on starting to invest and when would you like to end? Do you have specific goals in mind for a particular investment amount that you would like to reach? [...]

What’s my domicile?

With U.K. Inheritance Tax receipts hitting a whopping £4.8bn in the 2016/17 tax year, Domicile is a hot topic for British Expats all over the world. Domi-what I hear you say… Domicile. noun. 1.The country that a person treats as their permanent home. According to the Oxford English [...]

Helping South Africans cast their safety net

Where’s your safety net? I am a proudly South African, small-town farmer’s son, from the northern parts of Zululand, KZN.  I have heard my parents’ concerns regarding the weather effecting our crop, of theft during harvesting, of the cost of groceries going up year after year, and the threats [...]

Is inheritance tax a voluntary tax?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) has been charged in Britain for hundreds of years, and was first introduced as part of the Stamps Act 1694, in order to help fund the war of the league of Augsburg. Nicknamed the “death tax”, it is paid when a person dies and leaves their assets to their beneficiaries, [...]

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