Invest as much as you’d like towards retirement.

The perfect investment starting point for UK expats living in Africa, and elsewhere around the world. QNUPS allows you the freedom to invest as much as you’d like towards retirement, over and above the usual U.K. limit in annual contributions as per governing U.K. pension laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the QNUPS funded?

The QNUPS is usually funded by either cash contributions or the transfer of existing assets to the plan.

How much can I contribute to a QNUPS?

There is no prescribed limit to funding a QNUPS. However, contributions should be in keeping with accepted retirement planning practice and not be excessive relative to the individual’s wealth and earnings.

Can I transfer my UK pension to a QNUPS?

In order for an offshore pension plan to receive a UK pension transfer it must hold QNUPS status. A standalone QNUPS could not receive a UK pension transfer.

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