Are you a smart investor?

Do you think you are a smart investor?

Specific: What exactly do you expect from your investments? For example, when do you intend on starting to invest and when would you like to end? Do you have specific goals in mind for a particular investment amount that you would like to reach?

Measurable: How do you measure your investment performance? Is it once a month, once a quarter, once a year? Or do you just close your eyes and just hope for the best. Measuring your investments regularly gives you the direction and goal to achieve your end goal.

Achievable: Are your financial goals achievable, based on your current position or are you likely to fall short. Breaking down your financial periods as well as investment amounts will lead to great success in the end.

Relevant: How relevant are your investments to you? For example, if you are in your sixties should you have all your investments in bitcoin, definitely not. There are a number of factors to remember when investing in an international market. Make sure your investments are relevant to you and your circumstances.

Time-scaled: What is your timescale? whether you have just started investing or you are an old pro. You need to have a time frame when meeting your financial goals.





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