Estate Planning

What is involved in Estate-Planning Advice? 

Forming a Will. 

This document is the foundation of what you wish to happen to your estate. Do you have a will in place? 

Creating or Updating Beneficiaries. 

Ensuring the correct beneficiaries are named on all your financial policies is crucial.  At Northern Cross, all clients complete their beneficiary form prior to the account being opened. This ensures there is no uncertainty in the event of your death. 


Ensuring you have precise arrangements for what would happen for your living dependents, such as who will they live with and how they will be financially supported. 

Nominating an Executor. 

Your Executor is the individual responsible for managing your estate in the event of your death. This is an important role. It includes selling your assets, transferring assets, ensuring any liabilities are paid and distributing your estate in line with the wishes set out within your will. 

Creating a Power of Attorney. 

This permits another individual, typically someone you trust implicitly, to direct certain decisions regarding your estate. This is particularly useful if you were to suffer ill-health or mental illness and be unable to function cognitively.