UK & International Property

Diversification is key and it is for this reason that Northern Cross have partnered with several reputable property development companies based in the U.K. to enable us to fully offer our clients the opportunity to invest in property overseas, without the fear of the “unknown”.

The due diligence that we have conducted on these companies means that our clients can feel confident that they carry the same values and principles that we do here at Northern Cross.

Northern Cross can go through the entire process with you from start to finish even as far as to attend any meetings should you prefer it. We can offer guidance when going through the paperwork so that any questions can be fully covered and considered by all parties involved, including the property developer.

The paperwork would still go through our stringent compliance processes to ensure everything is in order.

You can buy property across most European countries, as well as the U.K. As an investment advisory firm, we want to ensure our clients had the widest possible opportunity, which is why we secured partnerships with developers who offer property in countries such as Germany, France, Portugal and the U.K.

Whilst many of our clients have strong ties to the U.K., we also took into consideration the wider market and potential that Europe has to offer.