Are you restraining your financial journey?

Before diving into today’s topic, let’s unpack what we mean by ‘playing big’ or ‘playing small’ in the context of financial planning. ‘Playing big’ doesn’t imply taking reckless risks; rather, it involves stretching your thinking to consider financial opportunities beyond your familiar comfort zone. On the other hand, ‘playing small’ signifies staying within those financial boundaries, often out of fear or habit, and potentially missing out on significant gains.

So, are you restraining your financial journey due to fear of the unknown?

This is a critical question to ponder. Many of us confine ourselves within well-worn financial grooves, avoiding decisions that might carry higher risks but could also bring greater rewards.

Are you unintentionally stunting your financial progress by sticking to a familiar path that’s no longer fully aligned with your goals and plan?

I was intrigued by a recent email from a writer who shared his experiences during a retreat in Mexico with entrepreneurs, investors, and writers. They explored the concept of ‘playing big’ versus ‘playing small’ in their fields. It became clear that he had limited himself in certain ways due to fears of stepping into expansive, unfamiliar territories.

As a British expat based in France, the concept resonated with me. My work frequently involves stepping into new opportunities and challenges, exemplified by my recent trips to the United States and South Africa to meet clients.

This idea of ‘playing big’ or ‘playing small’ shines a spotlight on a challenge that many of my clients—particularly British expats living abroad or contemplating a move back to the UK—often face.

Are you ‘playing small’ by sticking to investment options you already know, thereby missing out on potentially more rewarding opportunities? Do you continue to hold your pension in your home country just out of habit, ignoring the potential benefits of an overseas transfer?

A great way to identify where you might be ‘playing small’ is to consult with a group of trusted friends or professionals. Our team is more than happy to discuss your financial situation, strategies, and goals openly. We often ask our clients: Where are you limiting yourself? What’s holding you back from thinking bigger? Are the obstacles you perceive real or imagined?

Navigating an expanded financial landscape can feel intimidating, especially when it involves complexities like international investments or overseas pension transfers. However, with expert guidance and a willingness to challenge your own assumptions, ‘playing big’ can be both achievable and incredibly rewarding.

If you’re a British expat, either living abroad or considering a move back to the UK, this is an opportune moment to assess whether you could be ‘playing bigger’ financially. Whether you need guidance on retirement planning, investment diversification, or the tax implications of living overseas, we’re here to make sure your financial strategy aligns seamlessly with your life objectives.

Ready to expand your financial horizons? Let’s have a chat today. And if you know someone who could benefit from reassessing their financial boundaries, feel free to share this blog with them.

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