Do you know what CFP® stands for?

If you’ve noticed some of my professional designations, you may have spotted the CFP® and wondered how that helps me help you.

A CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) is a professional designation awarded to financial advisers who have completed a rigorous education and training program, passed a comprehensive certification process, and demonstrated their commitment to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

A CFP® is qualified and equipped to provide comprehensive financial planning services to individuals, families, and businesses.

This prestigious title is considered the premier certification for financial planners, and is highly respected by clients, employers, and peers. To become a CFP®, we must meet several requirements, including completing a specific course of study that covers a wide range of financial planning topics, such as investment planning, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

In addition to completing the education and examination requirements, CFP® professionals must also adhere to firm ethical standards, including the fiduciary standard, which requires us to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. This means that we must put your needs ahead of our own and provide objective, unbiased advice tailored to your unique financial circumstances.

Then, year-on-year, we need to participate in ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) programs to maintain our certification. This helps to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest developments in the financial planning industry and that we continue to provide our clients with the best possible advice and guidance.

For clients, working with a CFP® can be incredibly beneficial. A CFP® can help you create a comprehensive financial plan that considers all your financial goals and aspirations, including retirement, education funding for your children, estate planning, and wealth management.

We can also help you navigate complex financial products and services, such as insurance, investments, and taxes, and provide you with objective, unbiased advice that is custom-fitted to your specific needs and circumstances.

As a CFP® financial professional with over a decade of global financial planning experience, Michael Yuille, our Managing Director, is a highly trained and knowledgeable financial adviser, and Northern Cross are committed to providing you with comprehensive and ethical financial guidance to help you achieve your financial goals and live the life you want.

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