Northern Cross Wealth Management qualifies for FAIS Compliant Seal

Northern Cross Wealth Management qualifies for FAIS Compliant Seal

On 25 August 2017, Northern Cross Wealth Management, a Cape Town-based financial services provider and offshore wealth management firm, was awarded the 2017 FAIS Compliant Seal from Masthead, in recognition of excellent compliance standards.

Masthead is a national supplier of risk management services to independent financial advisors and other licensed financial service providers (FSPs).  They monitor, assess and verify that FSPs consistently maintain a high level of compliance with the procedures as prescribed in the FAIS Act (37) of 2002.

Northern Cross Wealth Management underwent three compliance audits and achieved more than the minimum score requirement of 85% for each audit. During these visits, the company’s policies and procedures were measured against the requirements set out in the FAIS Act (37) of 2002 and subordinate legislation as prescribed by the Financial Services Board.  This verification is subject to annual review and Masthead has the right to withdraw the usage thereof at any time.

Commenting on the qualification, Managing Director of Northern Cross Wealth Management Michael Yuille said, “We are very happy to have achieved an excellent standard of compliance and this will provide our clients with added peace of mind, knowing we have been successfully evaluated on the regulatory requirements as set out by the Financial Services Board.”

Northern Cross Wealth Management is an authorized financial service provider.


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