How’s your life balance looking?

It’s not just about bank balances; it’s about life balances.

The more we understand the psychology of money, the more we are reminded that wealth isn’t just a number in a spreadsheet or a line on a graph; it’s a deeply personal concept that varies from one individual to the next. Just as some might dream of a Ferrari parked in their driveway, some might long for six holidays a year, and others may simply want an extra thick slice of spam on their butty (I’m still just a boy from Wigan!)

To me, wealth means having time to spend with the ones you love and the freedom to pursue your hobbies and passions – and finding a healthy balance. (I’m currently working towards my private pilot’s licence.)

Wealth as a Reflection of Your Life Goals

When I talk with my clients, our conversations aren’t confined to numbers or tax codes. Instead, we explore what truly matters in their lives. Whether it’s planning a relocation to another country, which is more than just a change of address but a shift in lifestyle and culture, or considering retirement strategies that align with how they envision their golden years—these discussions are journeys into the very values, dreams, and concerns that make us human.

From Numbers to Narratives: The Real Treasure in Financial Planning

As someone who relishes time spent with my wife and daughters, exploring French culture, or savouring the local scenery on long rides and runs, I know the value of translating financial goals into life goals. My aim as a Financial Planner is to help you realise your own version of wealth—however that may look.

Navigating Financial Complexity Through Empathy and Understanding

Being an expat adds layers of complexity to these considerations. Currency fluctuations, international tax obligations, and global investment opportunities can sometimes overshadow the core reason we’re doing all this planning: to live a life rich in experiences and relationships. In my experience, the true worth of a financial advisor comes from recognising and respecting these emotional nuances. The real craft lies in aligning these complexities with what you actually want out of life, making your financial journey a fulfilling one.

Your Wealth, Your Life, Your Story

So, what does wealth mean to you? Is it a number, a status, or an emotion? As we chat through the intricate world of expatriate finances together, remember that this isn’t just about surviving—it’s about thriving, in all the ways that matter to you.

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