The ultimate out-of-office email

At Northern Cross Wealth Management, we believe that being wealthy goes beyond accumulating vast sums of money through relentless hard work. If you’ve achieved financial success, do you still find yourself chained to your work, even during your time off?

While pursuing wealth is undeniably significant, it’s crucial to remember that being truly wealthy is about more than just financial abundance—it’s about living a rich, fulfilling life.

One of the primary benefits of a wealthy lifestyle is the freedom it affords, a freedom we actively promote. The liberty to choose how you spend your time, the experiences you wish to pursue, and the flexibility to live and travel in different countries.

With this freedom comes the opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultures, savour unique experiences, and truly live life on your terms. Yet, striking the right balance can be tricky, and that’s where we come in.

Recently I was thinking about the “out-of-office” email, a familiar and often underappreciated tool in our modern, interconnected world. The typical out-of-office message tends to be laden with apologies for our absence and promises of checking in regularly, even during our well-deserved time off.

But should it really be this way?

Here’s a novel approach to consider:

“I’m out of the office and will be returning on {enter date}.”

That’s it.

Simple, concise, and unapologetic.

Taking time off shouldn’t induce feelings of guilt or the compulsion to keep one foot in the office door. Holidays allow us to maintain a healthy work-life balance, reinvigorate our minds, and boost productivity in the long run. In our own team, we encourage this mindset and actively support our clients in living their wealthy lives to the fullest.

Sure, you can direct people to a colleague who can help during your absence, but the key is to disconnect completely. With our dedicated team looking after your wealth, you can enjoy the peace of mind that allows you to do so.

Emails, conference calls, and project updates shouldn’t permeate your time off. As someone who’s achieved financial success, it’s crucial to remember that this time off is a benefit you have well and truly earned. Use it unapologetically.

Wealth should fuel your life, not dictate it. It’s the means to build the lifestyle you want, to enjoy experiences that enrich you, and to afford you the time and space to revel in them fully. Living a wealthy life means understanding and embracing the concept of balance. It’s about knowing when to immerse yourself in work and when to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

At Northern Cross Wealth Management, we believe in the art of balance as a key ingredient in the recipe for a truly wealthy life. Financial abundance paired with time well spent leads to a richer, more satisfying existence.

So, the next time you take a holiday, trust in our team to manage your wealth. Disconnect, recharge, and enjoy the experiences your hard work has afforded you.

After all, isn’t that the essence of living a wealthy life?

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